Learn German online

Most language learners are used to looking for a personal language course when they want to start learning a new language. Without a doubt, you will find many German courses in your city when you’re ready to start.

Nevertheless, nowadays there are many opportunities to learn and practice your language skills online. Just as you are used to going to your German course on Friday afternoon, you can start your computer and sign in for your German online class.

Besides online lessons, there are other options to learn German, such as language learning platforms or applications.

In this post, let us help you decide which option is the best for your style of language learning - and get you on the fast track to becoming fluent. We will also look at the advantages of virtual learning, so you can weigh the pros and cons of trying German language learning online. Read on.

What Do Online German Classes Look Like?

Just like in non-virtual classes, during online courses you work with experienced German teachers that should be German native speakers. You can learn German grammar and vocabulary during your lessons and practice listening comprehension, speaking, and writing.

Learning about German culture, habits, and traditions, as well as geography is also part of the course and usually forms the context of the exercises.

Some days, the classes will focus more on grammar explanations. In contrast, there will also be interactive lessons where the students will practice their speaking skills, do vocabulary and comprehension exercises, and practice their pronunciation on other days.

In online classes, you will learn the basics, like everyday expressions, and tackle the challenging topics, such as plural nouns or sentence structure. Basically, everything you need as a beginner.

How To Choose The Best Online German Class

You can find appropriate online courses depending on your language level and native language. Whether you're an English speaker or prefer to study in another language, there are tons of good platforms online.

To find out which is the best online German course for you, you can do language tests that indicate your level. There are German lessons for advanced learners, beginners, or even some more specific classes like business German.

You can be lucky sometimes and find a German course that offers a free first lesson, so you can try it before paying for the entire language course. That can help you get a first impression of the teacher and the content.

Learn German online

Online German Classes - Private or in Group?

There is the option to have German online classes with a personal tutor or shared lessons. While in a shared class, you get to know people and have lots of variation in interactive exercises, with a private online tutor, you can learn German at your own pace and with personalized content.

Some people might learn faster in an individual class, but in shared lessons, the skill difference between learners can motivate you, and students can help each other.

Learn German online

Advantages of Learning German Online

One argument against online learning is the lack of authenticity in terms of speaking practice and the experience with other students and native German speakers.

Without a doubt, it is a different experience having German classes in person, but several advantages come along with a German online course.

1. No Time Spent on Commuting

First, you don't have to go anywhere to start your German lesson - you just start your laptop or computer and access the internet. That can save you lots of time and money, especially if you have to drive everywhere.

2. You Can Study from Anywhere

Second, as you only need a technical device and the internet connection, you have a lot of flexibility when it comes to a working space. You can do German online classes from anywhere in this world, as long as you can schedule classes that work in your time zone.

3. Numerous Classes at Different Hours

It is pretty common for an online institution to offer online classes at every hour of the day, as there is no official location involved and so no limited space or closing hours. That is very helpful as you can arrange your German learning time according to your work schedule.

4. Time-Saving Options Through the Virtual Format

Another advantage is the time efficiency in online classes. Different video platforms allow you to take notes quickly, save the teacher's comments or share documents with other students.

Furthermore, there are many options to do group or partner work with virtual programs. The program can put the students in smaller groups, and there is no problem with choosing the group composition or organizing in the classroom.

Learn German on an Online Language Learning Platform

Besides German online lessons in groups or in private, there is the option to learn German with an online language learning platform. Usually, when you buy a "learn German online” package and get access to the services the platform provides.

The platforms offer packages for different learning levels, like beginners or intermediate learners. Those packages include recorded online classes and free learning resources like grammar sheets, tests, or learning videos that you can access all the time.

You have access to all the courses you book every time and can manage your German learning process on your own.

Learn German online

Learn German Online for Free on Youtube

You might have noticed that on Youtube, numerous German speakers have their own German-language Youtube channel and offer to teach you German through their videos for free.

Those videos are beneficial when you’re looking for something concrete, like some grammar topic explained by a German speaker or some audio course to practice your comprehension. Like all German classes that are not happening live, you might have difficulties practicing your speaking skills with videos.

Learning German with Language Applications

There are countless opportunities when it comes to language applications. You can find everything - from a vocabulary trainer to an entire grammar school. Some applications use English as their official language, while others offer you explanations in your mother tongue.

When you practice German with an application, your German learning process depends on how disciplined you are. Instead of having scheduled dates for German lessons, you have to find time on your own to practice during the week.

The good thing is that you can learn German at your own pace and rhythm, you can repeat classes or exercises how often you want, and usually, you do not pay much for an application. Moreover, there are usually same iPhone and Android apps for each platform, so you should have access to them regardless of your device.

Each application has its learning style. We can recommend the Langster language app to German learners because Langster lets you learn German through short stories and news. With interesting and fun stories, learning a language has never been easier.

Which Option for Who?

Each language learner has a unique learning style. First, you should decide if you would like to learn German on your own or with other people as a shared online class is the only option for learning in a group.

If you prefer studying alone, you should consider how guided you want to be in your German learning. With a teacher, you have lots of help and don't need to organize a lot yourself. An online learning platform can also give you a structured learning plan.

If you have experience organizing yourself and are a disciplined person, the best option might be an application like the Langster app, where you decide how much and what you want to practice.

Learn German online

Let’s Sum Up

In summary, if you think complete guidance in your learning process is the best practice, online German courses might be the best option for you. You have to decide if you prefer private lessons or group classes.

Online language learning platforms still offer you a structured learning plan but give you more flexibility in choosing different exercises. You have to motivate yourself to log in every day and invest the time the program suggests, but the course's cost might help as a motivation.

Learning German with an application is the most flexible option and probably the cheapest, but there is not as much individual guidance.

Final Thoughts

You see that you have several options to learn German online and that online learning comes with many advantages. Significantly, if you prefer to remain location-independent, online learning can be an excellent opportunity.

Think about how you like to study, whether in a group or alone, with guidance or without, and then check out the numerous options you can find on the internet.

If you already know that you would like to learn German with an application, check out the Langster app and start learning German with short stories and news. The more fun you have while learning, the easier it will be!