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Sep 24, 2023

A1 Visiting the coldest town in the world

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Le village le plus froid est en Sibérie. Environ 500 personnes habitent dans ce village. La température la plus basse était de moins 70 °C. Presque toute l' année, la température est inférieure à zéro degré. Le lait est vendu en bloc. Il n' y a pas d' eau courante. En juillet, la température la plus élevée est d' environ 20 °C. C' est très difficile de cultiver quelque chose. Les gens mangent surtout de la viande et du poisson. Ils mangent de la viande de cheval parce que les chevaux sont bien adaptés au climat.




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Love this!

I love reading and hearing in French. This app is very helpful to see and hear examples of written and oral French. I like the quizzes and explanations!

ZannerMom - Learning French

Excellent app!

I love the set up of this app. It’s easy to use, has tools to understand the readings and a quiz after. I like that the articles are short so I can do it daily.

RelaxingWaves - Learning Spanish

Learning via reading & listening‍

I want to improve my Spanish reading comprehension. I've been trying many other apps and different ways but the progression was slow. I've tried Langster for a week, my progress is great so far and I've learn many new Spanish words that is useful for me. Keep up the good work!​    ​ 

Salerno Nobles - Learning Spanish

A unique app

It was so helpful and custom-made for my learning style that I wanted to write a review, even though I very rarely take the time. I find it wonderful how the developers thought out all the different needs of the learner and sought to meet them with the app.

John Steward - Learning German

Hidden gem

This is probably one of the most effective language learning apps I have come across. Well graded texts with quick and easy access to dictionary and grammar explanations. Stories are not too long which enables time for a thorough review and recap.

Jim - Learning French

One of a kind

I don’t write reviews often at all, but I felt compelled to write one for this app. I’ve tried probably 6-8 German language learning apps and this is the best one for my learning style, by far.

Erica Wendel - Learning German

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