Learn German with YouTube

If you want to learn German, YouTube is one of the best tools today for that. Full of various videos about how to learn a foreign language, it can be the perfect opportunity to get familiar with everything relating to the German language.

However, it can also be easy to go down a rabbit hole when surfing across the different channels and video lessons. One second, you’re learning how to pronounce German sounds, and the next you’re watching a music video with German subtitles. After a while, it can simply get ineffective.

To get the most out of YouTube, it’s important to understand what exactly you expect from it and choose the right channels. So, to help you, we have prepared a list of the 7 best channels teaching everything from the basics of the German language, to German culture, to correct communication with native German speakers.

Ready to boost your knowledge? Read on to find the YouTube channel that fits your needs and skills.

This is what we can call a classic – it’s easy, fast, and fun (as the channel hosts promise). GermanPod101.com is actually a website and learning platform based on audio and video lessons, but they also have a YouTube channel with short videos on all the necessary German skills.

The lessons on this channel are short, simple, and nicely structured. They are not real lessons, though – not in the traditional definition of that word. Instead, these are chunks of information you might need to improve your listening or speaking in German.

It’s a pretty good tool for learning new German words with pronunciation, increasing your vocabulary, or just getting some listening practice if you’re a beginner. What we didn’t like about this channel, however, is the number of advertisements for their own app – but we guess that’s what marketing is like when YouTube is just your additional website.

Our decision: if the ads don’t bother you, this is a short and well-structured channel ideal for learning German basics.

If lecture-like language learning is not your way to go, this channel uses a method that’s a bit more engaging. With Deutsch Verstehen (Understand German), you will be learning with short animated videos.

Here, you will find short, animated dialogues supported by speech bubbles with all the words written out – and the main ones are even color-coded. If you need a translation, there are English subtitles. You might turn them off after some time, though – the characters speak in a slow and clear manner, and it’s very easy to match what you hear with what is written on the screen.

Learn German with YouTube

The best thing is that there are videos for learners of all levels, from A1 to even B2/C2. In the “community” tab of the channel, you can also find some simple “fill the blank” exercises, so that apart from boosting your listening comprehension, you can practice a little bit as well.

This is not the perfect place for German grammar lessons. However, if you want to learn everyday vocabulary and even move to some business German basics on higher levels, this can be a good channel for you.

Are you looking for a professional German tutor but don’t have the budget to hire one personally? In that case, Michael, a native German speaker and an excellent teacher, has quite a lot of free materials to share with you on his YouTube channel.

Although Michal also offers paid content on his website, his free German learning videos might be just what you need to get a hang of the basics. Here, you will find classic language lessons on topics such as articles and regular verbs along with funny, educational songs about German inseparable prefixes and accusative prepositions.

You can even find some content here on how to prepare for German exams and how to make the most of your German language learning journey. While the number of videos is not as large as we would like, Michael’s lessons can be a perfect starting point for beginners as well as a good additional resource for intermediate and advanced learners.

If you are dreaming about a lot of German-learning content to consume, this channel might be what you’re looking for. It has been around for over a decade, so you can definitely find lessons on many different topics for all different levels of learning.

Dominic, the native German speaker who hosts the channel, runs everything in an exciting, energizing way. You won’t get sleepy or even slightly bored when watching – his speech just makes you want to listen and learn more and more and more.

The topics vary a lot. Apart from all the basic ones, such as German grammar and vocabulary, Dominic also talks about Germany and its culture, presents fun learning methods, explores places around the country, and sometimes even shares some vlogs.

Learn German with YouTube

Want to learn more about German wedding traditions, German cuisine, or enjoy some funny, short videos? Make sure to try this YouTube channel.

On Easy German, you won’t find traditional language lessons or teaching videos; instead, you’ll get an opportunity to hear the German language used by native speakers in real-life contexts and regular talking speeds. This doesn’t only boost your listening comprehension – it also prepares you for conversations in German with other people.

The main concept of this channel is to simply go out in the street and speak to actual Germans about various topics, such as food, romance, money, or lifestyle. There are also a lot of German grammar and vocabulary-related videos, so you can learn while enjoying the dialogues.

Learn German with YouTube

If you are a complete beginner and worry about not understanding the real spoken language, don’t: all videos are supported by English and German subtitles. So, even if you don’t hear something well, you can always rewind and check the text.

Our favorite thing about this channel is that it makes the German language real: we see regular people using it, standing on the streets of Germany or Austria. The videos are full of interesting visuals, which makes the learning process a bit more engaging.

Now, there are quite a few non-traditional learning channels on our list. But, if you’re interested in a more college-like learning environment, don’t worry: we have a channel with the perfect YouTube videos that won’t make you fall asleep halfway into the lesson.

Learn German with Herr Antrim offers you the opportunity to explore all the necessary grammar and vocabulary topics for beginning and intermediate levels. Some of them look like real school classes, with presentations and an engaging voice telling you how something works. These are great when it comes to getting familiar with grammar or pronunciation.

The traditional lessons are supported with more lively videos where Herr Antrim reviews something or shares a piece of his thoughts with you. And yes, he’s always very energizing, and almost always wears a bowtie.

Our list wouldn’t be complete without this channel. Learn German with Anja is probably the most-known YouTube channel for learning German – and we completely agree with this rating.

Full of super engaging graphics, real-life emotions, and adventurous content, Anja’s videos may be just what you need if you’re tired of traditional German lessons. Her short yet constructive grammar lessons are perfect for beginners and intermediate learners, but what we love this channel most for is the insights into real German culture.

Want to learn German vocabulary about cats while watching Anja play with one? Or sing some winter songs together? Or go shopping in a typical German store? This is the perfect channel for you, and the dynamic Anja will make the journey even more enjoyable.

Learn German with YouTube

YouTube Can Be Your Best German Teacher

We hope we’ve proved it – YouTube can be a really versatile tool when learning a foreign language. With so many channels that focus on different topics and learning styles, all types of German learners can find something for themselves here.

Whether you want traditional grammar and vocabulary lessons or to explore the culture and hear the language spoken by natives, there is always something for you. What's great about learning with YouTube is that there are so many options - you can find the channel(s) that fit your needs and skills, and they’ll make your long language learning journey a bit more exciting.

Now, it’s time to go explore the channels from our list more on your own – and if you don’t like any of them, remember to not stop looking. With YouTube offering so much in terms of language learning, it can be an amazing additional learning resource – or even the main one, if you prefer.

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