French to English Online Translators

When it comes to translating from one language to another, there is no substitute for a human translator. However, online tools can be a great help for getting the gist of something that you’re trying to translate, especially if you don’t know the foreign language well. But, the success of the conversation does depend on the quality of translation you get.

So, which online program could give you the best results when it comes to French-to-English translation (and the other way round)? Take a look at the list below.

While these online translators may not provide perfect dictionary translations, they can be a big help if you’re stuck in a French-speaking country trying to ask where the ATM is. Each of these has its own perks and drawbacks – check all of them out, and see which one suits your situation best.

DeepL Translate is a relatively new online translator, but it’s already making a big splash. It offers translations that are more accurate than those of competing translators, and it also has a very user-friendly interface.

One distinguishing feature of DeepL Translate is the use of neural machine translation. This technology allows for translations that are more accurate and natural-sounding than those produced by traditional translation software.

DeepL Translate also offers real-time translation, so you can have a conversation with a native speaker without worrying about getting lost (if you have an internet connection, of course). Apart from regular sentence translation, it also has a built-in dictionary that opens when you click on a word.

DeepL Translate is completely free to use, but if you want to access some specific features such as translations in different tones (formal/informal), translation of whole files, or team administrations, you might want to consider a premium plan.

What Is It Good For?

French to English Online Translators

DeepL can be used for almost anything from short translations during trips to professional translation works. What makes it special is the top-notch, context-based translation, which makes it perfect if you’re working with longer texts.

Whether you’re a student who needs to translate an academic document or a researcher trying to find something on a foreign website, this translation app would be a perfect tool to help you understand the heart of almost any text in the French language (or any other of the languages it supports, actually).

Google Translate is one of the most popular online translators, and it’s no surprise why. It’s available in over 100 languages, can translate entire web pages, and can even be used offline.

One of the best things about Google Translate is that it integrates with all browsers and is also available in the form of a translation app, so you can access your translator from anywhere you want.

Another great feature of Google Translate is its “conversation mode,” which allows you to have a back-and-forth conversation with someone in another language – although this is only available in the app version for now. Nevertheless, this is perfect for practicing your language skills or getting help from a native speaker when you’re traveling.

French to English Online Translators

Google Translate is free to use, but there are some limitations on the number of characters that you can translate at one time. Also, the main drawback of Google Translate is the quality of longer translations – sometimes the translations can be false and misleading and lead to either further research or usage errors.

What Is It Good For?

Google Translate is perfect for quick and easy translations. It’s also great for translating short sentences, all of which can be handy when traveling.

Moreover, Google Translate is one of the few translation apps that recognizes such a large number of languages – 133 in total (from which it can translate 37 languages via photo, 32 via voice, and 30 via Word Lens – an augmented reality feature).

So, it’s not a question of just French to English translation now, but also translation from French to almost any world language – and the other way round.

Reverso is a long-time player in the industry of online translation tools, and its translator has always been one of the best. What sets it apart from other translating apps is that Reverso does more than just provide translations – it also has an integrated spell-checker that automatically revises the input and built-in dictionary for quick lookup.

Apart from that, Reverso’s platform offers contextual check, grammar check, and verb conjugation functions that are available for free. This can be really helpful if you want to make sure you’re using a word correctly or if you want to expand your vocabulary.

French to English Online Translators

Just like with DeepL, there are some special features offered only in the premium version, such as translations of longer texts and instant translations of documents. Reverso Translation is also available in the form of an app.

What Is It Good For?

This is not just one of the basic French translation apps available online. Reverso is a set of highly customized tools perfect for those who want to learn French and need more than just a quick translation.

Various features of the Reverso platform make it an amazing addition to any learning process, and even though the translation tool itself may not be very accurate, it definitely stands out from other apps.

Microsoft Translator is one of the most advanced online translation tools available today. It supports over 60 languages and can translate text and, more importantly, real-time conversations. Yes, the last feature is what we like here the most.

It works something like Google Meets – you start a conversation on the platform, share the code with the people you’re talking to, and start speaking (or writing) in your native language. Your interlocutors will see what you’re saying in their own languages – almost like a normal conversation.

What’s more, Microsoft Translator is also available in the form of an app, so you can take your translator with you wherever you go. The app version also supports offline translation, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to access your translator when you need it most.

What Is It Good For?

The conversation tool can be a little complicated, especially for new users, but when it comes to crossing language barriers in oral speech, we definitely like it the most.

This is one of the best online translators for real-time conversations. If you need to communicate with someone in French but don’t know the language yourself, Microsoft Translator will be a lifesaver.

French to English Online Translators

Bottom Line

Online translators are a great way to deal with language barriers, especially when traveling or doing research in a foreign language. While they may not provide perfect dictionary translations, they can give you a bit of context and help you explain what you want to a native speaker without knowing the foreign language well.

Here, we have shared with you some quick reviews on the four most common online translators – but we can’t say which one is the best. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses, so choose the one that fits your specific needs at the moment – and don’t hesitate to mix them for better results.

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