1. Mucho(s) and Poco(s) as Determiners
  2. Mucho(s) and Poco(s) as Pronouns

Indefinites are words that indicate the indefinite quantity of a noun. Mucho(s) and poco(s) are indefinite nouns widely used in Spanish, and they can function as determiners or pronouns.



Hay muchas personas en el estadio.

There are many people in the stadium.

Mucho(s) and Poco(s) as Determiners


Rule 1. Muchos indicates that there is a large number of the subject.



Muchos alumnos estudian juntos en la biblioteca.

Many students study together in the library.

Rule 2. Muchos must agree in number and gender with the noun it complements.

Indefinite DeterminersExampleTranslation
Muchos A muchos niños les gustan las películas de acción. Many children like action movies.
Muchas Muchas personas practican deporte. Many people practice sports.
Mucho Tengo mucho trabajo. I have a lot of work.
Mucha Tengo mucha sed, ¿tienes agua? I am very thirsty, do you have water?


Rule 3. In contrast to muchos, pocos indicates that there is little of the subject.



Hay pocos estudiantes hoy en la escuela.

There are few students in school today.

Rule 4. Like muchos, pocos must agree in gender and number with the noun it accompanies.

Indefinite determinersExampleTranslation
Pocos Pocos alumnos estudian después de clases. Few students study after school.
Pocas Pocas mascotas son rebeldes. Few pets are troublemakers.
Poco Anoche hizo poco viento. Last night there was little wind.
Poca Hay poca azúcar There is little sugar

Mucho(s) and Poco(s) as Pronouns

These indefinites can also take the form of pronouns, which means that instead of accompanying a noun, they will replace it and will follow the same gender and number rule.



Muchos le aconsejaron que tomara la oportunidad.

Many advised him to take the opportunity.

- ¿Tenemos suficiente comida?

- Sí, hay mucha.

- Do we have enough food?

- Yes, there is plenty.

As you can see, in this case, the indefinites go from being complements of a noun to replacing the noun as the subject of the sentence.



___________ personas comen en este restaurante.


correct answers.