1. Conjunctions: the Basics
  2. Subordinating Conjunctions
  3. Coordinating Conjunctions

Conjunctions: the Basics

Rule 1: A conjunction creates a logical connection between parts of sentences, whole sentences, or individual words. In French, conjunctions don't change the word order in the sentence.



J'ai nettoyé la maison pendant que Marta étudiait.

I cleaned the house while Marta was studying.

Subordinating Conjunctions

Rule 2: Subordinating conjunctions connect main and subordinate (dependent) clauses in complex sentenses. Dependent clauses provide additional information (time, reason, purpose, ...) to the sentence - they can't stand alone as a sentence.

Here are a few subordinating conjunctions in French:

si if
parce que because
comme like, as
après que before
tant que/pendant que while



Je ne peux pas venir parce que je suis malade.

I can't come because I'm sick.

Coordinating Conjunctions

Rule 3: Coordinating conjunctions connect main (independent) clauses with one another without establishing a hierarchy. Independent clauses can form complete sentences and stand alone.

Here are the seven most common coordinating conjunctions in French:

mais but
ou or
et and
donc also
ni ... ni neither ... nor
car because



Je parle français mais je ne parle pas allemand.

I speak French but I don't speak German.

To learn these coordinating conjunctions, you can use a simple mnemonic:

Mais où est donc Ornicar ? - mais ou est donc or ni car.



___ vous étiez à l'étranger, nous avons étudié.


correct answers.