1. Near Future: the Basics
  2. When To Use Near Future
  3. Forming the Near Future
  4. Negation in the Near Future

Near Future: the Basics

Rule 1: To talk about actions in the near future (le futur proche), the verb aller is used in its present tense along with the infinitive of the conjugated verb. This type of future tense is most commonly used in spoken or casual French.

It corresponds to the English construction "will/going to" + infinitive.



Je vais finir cette tâche dans une minute.

I'm going to finish this task in a minute.

When To Use Near Future

Rule 2: Le futur proche is used in the following situations:

- when we talk about an action that will take place shortly



Elle va entrer dans la pièce dans une minute.

She's going to enter the room in a minute.

- when we talk about a planned action in the near future



On va au cinéma demain.

We are going to the cinema tomorrow.

Forming the Near Future

Let's take a look at the example of conjugating the verb manger (to eat) in the near future:

je vais manger
tu vas manger
il, elle, on va manger
nous allons manger
vous allez manger
ils, elles vont manger

Negation in the Near Future

Rule 3: For the negation in the near future, ne and pas enclose the conjugated form of aller followed by the infinitive.



Je ne vais pas le faire.

I won't do it.



Je _ ce livre demain.


correct answers.