1. Adjectives of Color: the Basics
  2. What to Do When In Doubt?

Adjectives of Color: the Basics

Rule 1: Most adjectives of color in French act like regular adjectives and agree with the noun based on number and gender.



Une fleur bleue.

A blue flower.

Exception: However, colors based on the names of fruit, flowers, precious stones, metals, and other elements of nature do not change form. These adjectives are called invariables, or adjectifs invariables.



Le t-shirt marron, la robe marron et les chaussures marron.

The brown t-shirt, the brown dress, and the brown shoes.

The same exception applies in the case of compound colors.



Les portes bleu foncé.

Dark blue doors.

What to Do When In Doubt?

If you don't know whether an adjective of color has to agree with the noun it modifies or not, you can always check a French dictionary. There, you will find its feminine, masculine, and plural forms - or the information that this is an adjectif invariable.

To make your life easier, here's a list of several common invariables.

abricot apricot
ambre amber
avocat avocado
brique brick red
bronze bronze
chocolat chocolate brown
fuschia fuschia
lavande lavender
marron brown (horse chestnut)
noisette hazelnut
orange orange
turquoise turquoise



Un cheveu ___


correct answers.