1. How to Write Ordinal Numbers
  2. Numerals
  3. Usage
  4. Ordinal Numbers: An Overview

In the English language, ordinal numbers are numbers that we use to put things into order, show a sequence or say the date.



It is my second car.

Second is an ordinal number used to show sequence.

How to Write Ordinal Numbers

Rule 1: To write ordinal numbers we just add th to a regular number.



four - fourth

To create an ordinal number, we add th to the number four.


Rule 2: There are several exceptions in the English language when it comes to writing ordinal numbers. Here are the ordinal numbers you need to learn by heart:

  • one - first
  • two - second
  • three - third
  • five - fifth
  • eight - eighth
  • nine - ninth
  • twelve - twelfth

Note: In large numbers, we change only the last numeral to an ordinal number.




three hundred and twenty-first


Rule 3: To turn ordinal numbers into numerals, we add the last two letters of the written number to the numeral.

  • first - 1st
  • second - 2nd
  • third - 3rd
  • fourth - 4th


Rule 4: We use ordinal numbers to say the date.



Today's the fourth of May.

Fourth is an ordinal number.

Rule 5: We use ordinal numbers to make lists and enumerations or to put things in an order.



She used to live on the eleventh floor.

Eleventh is an ordinal number used in enumeration.

Rule 6: In titles (e.g., kings and queens), ordinal numbers are written as Roman numerals. In Spoken English, we add the definite article before the ordinal number:



Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth the Second

Note: In spoken English, we add the definite article the before the ordinal number.

Ordinal Numbers: An Overview

Here is a brief overview of the English ordinal numbers, both numeral and spelled out.

Spelled OutNumeral
first 1st
second 2nd
third 3rd
fourth 4th
fifth 5th
sixth 6th
seventh 7th
eighth 8th
ninth 9th
tenth 10th
eleventh 11th
twelfth 12th
thirteenth 13th
fourteenth 14th
fifteenth 15th
sixteenth 16th
seventeenth 17th
eighteenth 18th
nineteenth 19th
twentieth 20th
twenty-first 21st
twenty-second 22nd
twenty-third 23rd
twenty-fourth 24th
thirtieth 30th
thirty-first 31st
fortieth 40th
fiftieth 50th
sixtieth 60th
seventieth 70th
eightieth 80th
ninetieth 90th
hundredth 100th
hundred and first 101st
hundred and fifty-second 152nd
two hundredth 200th
thousandth 1,000th
millionth 1,000,000th
billionth 1,000,000,000th



Write the date as a word. November 5.


correct answers.