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Learning via reading & listening‍

I want to improve my Spanish reading comprehension. I've been trying many other apps and different ways but the progression was slow. I've tried Langster for a week, my progress is great so far and I've learn many new Spanish words that is useful for me. Keep up the good work!​    ​ 

Salerno Nobles - Learning Spanish

Super App!

This app is super! It very fits for learning language, in my case Spanish. It’s very comprehensive and easy to use. I love it and recommend this to everyone who are learning new language

Wica_001 - Learning Spanish

Really nice tool

I really like this app. It’s perfect for language learning. Lots of stories and click on a word and it shows you translation. Click on the play button at top for that word and you can hear the pronunciation. You can hear the full story read and of course read it yourself and then do the quiz too. It’s great. I definitely recommend it as part of anyone’s studies of your chosen language.

Luckyalive - Learning Spanish

Excellent app!

I love the set up of this app. It’s easy to use, has tools to understand the readings and a quiz after. I like that the articles are short so I can do it daily.

RelaxingWaves - Learning Spanish

Learning by reading

A nice way for me to get more comprehensive in Spanish is by reading. These are sort stories on different levels with a small quiz at the end. Handy and helpful

weurdfood - Learning Spanish

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Frequently asked questions

What is Langster?

Langster is the world’s first CEFR-graded language-learning reader to learn German, French, Spanish and English. Langster provides premium, instant translations with one tap, audio from native speakers, and grammar explanations in every story.

How do I know that Langster works?

When tested on graded reading, we found that university students processed and retained vocabulary much faster when using Langster to learn language. Not only that, but they also enjoyed the process more compared to learning with traditional reading and listening material.

Are Langster story lessons free to read?

Users can check in occasionally to take advantage of our rotating free stories, but reading all the stories at once does cost a small fee, which we use to keep improving Langster.

Why you should learn the Spanish language?

Learning Spanish is highly beneficial for several reasons. Firstly, it is one of the most spoken languages globally, facilitating communication with over 460 million native speakers and opening doors for travel and business.

Secondly, bilingualism, including proficiency in Spanish, has cognitive benefits, enhancing problem-solving skills and memory.

Lastly, Spanish offers access to a rich cultural heritage, from literature to music, fostering cross-cultural understanding and enriching personal experiences.