French songs to learn

There are many methods to learn French, and each of them has its pros and cons. Working with a private tutor can be highly effective yet pricey, going to group classes can be great for getting the structure of the language but boring, and learning with flashcards can help boost your vocabulary skills but not your speaking or listening skills.

Apart from those, there are many other less traditional methods such as learning with podcasts, movies, or downloading a language learning app that can make your journey to mastering French pretty enjoyable. One very fun method of learning French is through French songs.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can acquire perfect language skills by just listening to your favorite French songs. Nevertheless, this method can improve your listening as well as help you get closer to the classic and modern French culture.

Moreover, it can work both for French beginners and intermediate learners - you just need to choose the right materials. And today, we’re here to help you with that. Below, you will find a list of the best French songs for learning the language; check it out, listen to some French music, and learn a foreign language with pleasure.

This is a classic French song that’s been sung by Edith Piaf. It’s one of the most famous French songs, but if you’re not into French singers, you might have heard it being performed by other artists such as Grace Jones or Louis Armstrong.

La Vie En Rose is a great song for French beginners, and one of the easiest. It’s not too fast yet not too slow, and the lyrics are easy to understand. Nevertheless, Edith Piaf’s French pronunciation can be a little tricky to get, so if your listening skills need a boost, play it a few times or check the lyrics online.

The title of the song is La Vie En Rose, which can be literally translated as “Life in Pink,” but means something like “life seen through rose-colored glasses.” This classic chanson français talks about love, which is a popular theme in the French music world.

Other songs by Édith Piaf to listen to: Je Ne Regrette Rien, Milord, La Foule, and Padam, Padam...

Speaking of the classic French songs, Champs Élysées is another one of our favorites. This famous song is a perfect choice for learning French - it has a catchy melody, upbeat rhythm, and pretty simple lyrics. Moreover, Joe Dassin’s voice and great pronunciation will make it easy to understand both for beginners and intermediate learners.

The song paints a lively picture of the Champs Élysées, a famous Parisian avenue, with its enchanting beauty and electric energy. This is the perfect choice if you want to get a feeling of the unique French culture. Listeners beware: this song can make you want to come to Paris even if you didn’t plan it.

Other songs by Joe Dassin to listen to: Et Si Tu N'existais Pas, Taka Takata, L'été Indien

French songs to learn

Stromae is a Belgian rapper who sings in French. He is known for his unique style of music, and is often described as the “face of the New Beat generation.” He is also very popular in France, Belgium, and Switzerland, but you might have also heard this famous song Papaoutai on TikTok or in clubs.

If you like French rap, then you will definitely love this song, which is a perfect combination of deep meaning and an upbeat rhythm.

It might not be the most positive song on this list, but it’s definitely good material for learning French - Stromae articulates words well, uses many idioms, and doesn’t hold back on popular slang terms, so you can greatly boost your French vocabulary.

Other songs by Stromae to listen to: Tous Les Mêmes, Formidable, and Avec Le Temps.

This is another popular French song that you can use for learning the French language. It has a slow rhythm, and the lyrics are easy to understand and follow, so you won’t have problems with understanding the words. This song is a perfect example of the French chanson style that’s both lyrical and poetic.

The main idea of La Vie Ne M’Apprend Rien is that life doesn’t teach you anything, so you have to make your own experiences and find your own path. The only way to learn is to take risks and make mistakes. If you ask us, this is not only a perfect song for the French learners to listen to - it’s also a great life lesson.

Other songs by Daniel Balavoine to listen to: Le Chanteur and Je Ne Suis Pas Un Héros.

Zaz is a French singer and songwriter who is famous for her bluesy voice and eclectic melodies. Her songs are often lively, but they can also be a little tricky to understand if you don’t pay attention.

Je Veux is one of the most famous songs by Zaz, and it’s a perfect example of her style. It’s one of these catchy songs that are great for beginner French learners - it has both an upbeat melody as well as simple, easy-to-understand lyrics. You should also check the official music video to get a glimpse of that fantastic French mindset.

Zaz’s songs are also a great tool to learn not only new words in French but also French grammar and sentence structure rules.

Other songs by Zaz to listen to: On Ira, Qué Vendrá, and Si Jamais J'oublie.

French songs to learn

Sous Le Ciel De Paris performed by Yves Montand is one of the best songs to learn French. It’s extremely easy to understand, very pleasant to listen to, and it has a very catchy melody - so if you listen to it, be ready to hum it for the rest of the day.

This is one of the classic French songs, so you might have heard it before. The song lyrics, as well as the tune, can help you get immersed in the everyday life of the Parisians - it’s a great choice for language learners who want to immerse themselves in French culture.

Other songs by Yves Montand to listen to: Les Grands Boulevards and Amour, Mon Cher Amour.

French songs to learn

Dernière Danse by Indila is one of the most popular French songs among French speakers. You can rarely hear such haunting, clear vocals, so this song is not only going to help you learn French - it will also be a great pleasure to listen to.

Dernière Danse is slow enough to understand, and it has a catchy tune, which is why you can often hear this song at parties or in clubs. Overall, it’s a beautiful song to learn a little French and enjoy French music at the same time.

Other songs by Indila to listen to: Tourner Dans Le Vide, S.O.S.

This might be a little tricky to get if you’re a beginning French learner, but trust us - this song is a work of art. La Tribu De Dana is a beautifully written song about a conflict between Celtic warriors and the Dana Tribe.

Created in the hip-hop style, it can be a little fast, but don’t worry - with plenty of repeat listens, you will understand all the new French words. It can also help to check the French lyrics online and try to read them out loud together with the singer.

Other songs by Indila to listen to: Mais Qui Est La Belette ?, Le Chant Des Druides.

Final Thoughts

Of course, these are not the only songs to learn French - you can choose any song you like, listen to it, check the lyrics to understand them better, and immerse yourself in the French music. You can also start with something simple - for example, nursery rhymes - if you are not sure about your listening skills.

Just remember that listening to French music is only one of the many ways to learn French, and for the language learning process to be fruitful, you need to use many methods. Hire a private tutor, look for free materials online, or download the Langster app and read short French stories adapted to your current level.

Remember to practice regularly - and we are sure that you will see progress quickly.

French songs to learn
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