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Podcasts offer a unique and engaging way to learn a new language. They're perfect for beginner and intermediate learners alike and can help improve your grammar skills, vocabulary, and conversational abilities. Plus, they're fun and easy to use - all you need is a smartphone or computer with an internet connection.

However, the key to having the best experience when learning with podcasts is finding something that suits your personal needs and skills. There are thousands of German podcasts out there, so how do you know which ones are the best?

Never fear - we've compiled a list of the 5 most popular German language learning podcasts to help you get started. These options are all great for beginner and intermediate learners, and they’ll have you speaking like a native in no time. So, ready? Let’s dive in!

If you're looking for a fun and engaging podcast to help you learn German, look no further than Coffee Break German. This popular podcast was created by Scottish broadcaster Radio Lingua and is perfect for beginner and intermediate learners alike.

The show is hosted by native German speakers Tomas and Mark, who take listeners on a journey through the language step-by-step. They cover everything from basic grammar lessons to more complex topics like idioms and cultural insights.

The podcast is free, but there’s a paid plan that offers video lessons, bonus audio, lesson notes, and even translation exercises.

Who is this podcast for?

Coffee Break German is perfect for anyone who wants to learn the basics of the language in an enjoyable and relaxed environment. The hosts are friendly and easy to listen to, and the lessons are well-paced, so you won't get overwhelmed.

If you're looking for a comprehensive course that will take you from beginner to advanced level, this podcast isn't right for you - but it's still an excellent resource if you're just starting out or want to boost your current knowledge.

2. Deutsch Warum Nicht? And Other Podcasts By Deutsche Welle

Deutsch Warum Nicht? (Why German?) is a popular podcast created by Deutsche Welle, a leading German public broadcaster that has a language learning platform.

The podcasts are aimed at beginner and lower-intermediate learners (levels A1-B1) and cover a wide range of topics including grammar, vocabulary, culture, and current affairs. Each episode is around 20 minutes long, making them perfect for quick breaks or commutes. Plus, they come with accompanying transcripts, so you can follow along even if you're not a confident reader yet.

German podcasts

After you’ve gained basic knowledge, you can move on to their next podcast: an audio course Wieso nicht? aimed at more pore proficient learners who know the German language at least at B1 level. Unlike Deutsch Warum Nicht?, all the explanations are provided in German, and the topics focus more on colorful scenes of everyday life in Austria and Germany.

Who is this podcast for?

Deutsch Warum Nicht? is great for anyone who wants to learn more about German culture as well as the language itself. The episodes are informative, engaging, and will give you a well-rounded understanding of life in Germany.

However, this is more of an audio language course than a learn-German podcast. If you want something that looks less like a language class and is a bit more casual, consider some other German podcasts by Deutsche Welle (find them here).

If you're looking for a more relaxed and laid-back way to learn German, check out the Slow German podcast. This weekly podcast is hosted by Annik Rubens, a German journalist living in Munich.

The show is aimed at beginner and intermediate learners and covers a range of topics from grammar to culture, whether it comes to ordering something in a restaurant or discussing German films with locals.

German podcasts

The lessons are taught at a slower pace than other podcasts so that you can really absorb the information. Plus, each episode comes with full transcripts, so you can follow along even if you're not familiar with all the words yet.

Who is this podcast for?

Slow German is perfect for anyone who wants to take things slow and have plenty of time to absorb the information. The lessons are well-paced and easy to understand, and the transcripts make sure you don't miss a thing.

If you're looking for a relaxed introduction to German that won't overwhelm you, this podcast is perfect for you. However, if you’re a fan of a more structured approach and prefer lessons that focus specifically on certain German vocabulary or grammar, you might want to look at other podcasts on our list.

The Easy German podcast is a great resource for intermediate and advanced learners, and it’s not your usual short-lesson podcast. To be honest, its different nature makes it one of our favorite German podcasts.

The episodes are around an hour long and cover a wide range of topics including current affairs, culture, travel, philosophy, and more. The hosts also answer a question from the listeners in each episode.

What makes this podcast unique is that it's entirely in German. There are no English translations or explanations, so you'll need to be confident in your listening skills to follow along.

If you're up for the challenge, this is an excellent way to improve your comprehension and grow your vocabulary. And, if you are not sure about your language level, there’s a paid version that offers transcripts for each episode.

German podcasts

Who is this podcast for?

This is a great German podcast for anyone who wants to improve their listening skills and grow their vocabulary. Many language learners love it since the podcast covers diverse topics and provides a really engaging learning experience.

Nevertheless, if you're a beginner or early intermediate learner, this podcast may not be right for you. If you don’t want to pay for a premium version, there are no English translations or explanations, so you'll need to look elsewhere for resources that are more tailored to your level.

The name of this podcast, “Elementary Questions,” might confuse you, but don’t fall for it. Elementarfragen is a program for advanced learners who already have a good command of German and want to enjoy some decent content in the language.

This long-form podcast covers interviews with experts on different topics. Science, psychology, social media, politics – the questions vary a lot and can sometimes be dark. Nevertheless, each episode is interesting in its own way and will keep every advanced German language learner engaged.

German podcasts

Who is this podcast for?

If you’re an advanced learner and want to boost your knowledge not only of German but of the world, this podcast is definitely your best choice.

However, if you don’t have a strong command of the language yet, you might want to look for something else – Elementarfragen assumes that you know your stuff.

Take Language Learning to the Next Level with Podcasts

Podcasts can be a great way to take your language learning to the next level. They offer a more engaging and interesting learning experience than traditional classroom lessons or textbooks. And, since they come in a variety of formats and levels, there's something for everyone, regardless of what stage of learning German they are.

So, whether you're looking for beginner podcasts that will teach you the basics or more advanced content that will challenge your skills and help you start speaking German, we've got you covered. Give one (or all!) of these 5 popular German podcasts a try, and see how much your language skills improve.

And, if none of the podcasts on our list look interesting to you, keep looking: with so many audio programs offered to language learners, you can definitely find something that suits your personal needs.

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