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Editor's Update: The BBC Learning English app closed on 13th December 2023. Since that date, the app has no longer worked, and you will not be able to access any of the programmes in the app or any programmes that you have downloaded.

Still, you can keep studying with BBC Learning English via their website, social media, and podcasts.

Thanks to constantly developing technologies, we have more and more opportunities to learn English. And one of the most popular methods today is learning with the help of mobile apps. The BBC Learning English app and the accompanying courses are great examples of such an opportunity.

It's packed with tons of learning materials, including a variety of quizzes and downloads, as well as audio and video content to help you improve all your English skills – listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Lessons also include business English vocabulary that can be particularly useful for those looking to improve their professional communication skills.

Below, you will find our comprehensive review of the BBC Learning English app and its sources, main features, and what students can expect to gain from using them.

What Is BBC?

The British Broadcasting Corporation, or BBC, is a public service broadcaster headquartered in London, United Kingdom. It was founded in 1922 and is the world's oldest national broadcasting organization. The BBC operates several language-learning programs, including English programs for both adults and children.

Quick Overview

The BBC Learning English app and the materials it features are some of the best resources for learning English available today. They are well-organized, easy to use, and packed with valuable content to help students of all levels improve their English skills.

Lessons, mostly in a video format, are designed to be interactive and engaging, which makes learning fun and helps students retain information better.

In addition to the BBC Learning English app and lessons, the BBC also offers a variety of other educational materials, such as online lessons, practice exercises, downloads, and quizzes. These resources are all free to use and can be accessed from any device with an internet connection.

It is a user-friendly, well-organized, and completely free tool, which makes it an ideal option for beginners. The BBC Learning English app is available for both iOS and Android devices. It can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

Whether you want to master grammar, polish your pronunciation, expand your English knowledge through current events, or pick up the newest words to use in everyday conversation, this is one of the best online free resources for keeping your English up to date!

Main Features

The BBC Learning English app is designed to help students improve their English skills in four main areas: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The app also includes a business English module.

Once you install and open the app, you will see the Daily Lesson feature first. These lessons usually take no longer than a couple of minutes, offering you the chance to learn a new expression of the day, complete with a short explanation, context, several examples, and a quick quiz to check how you did.

This is an excellent way to fit English practice into even the busiest schedules and stay on top of your language learning process on a daily basis, even if it’s only a few minutes.

Next, you will find the Everyday English section, which features tons of bite-sized exercises, audio lessons, and grammar explanations from several English BBC programs, including:

  • The English We Speak. Provides explanations on using common English expressions and idioms.
  • English in a Minute. Provides concise explanations on how to use particular words – it won’t take you longer than a minute to learn and practice a new English word.
  • English My Way. Based on teaching you useful phrases for a wide variety of real-life situations – from attending job interviews, to ordering a cup of coffee, to buying a new dress.

Some other programs available are 6 Minute English, LingoHack, News Review, and many more.

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These are free resources that can become excellent tiny helpers in your English learning journey without taking too much of your time. It’s also an excellent opportunity to hone your speaking skills and feel more confident in communication with native English speakers.

The Business English feature consists of longer mini-lessons – videos of around 10 minutes – covering a wide range of topics and providing you with professional vocabulary and extra content (usually links to BBC’s business English site). Some of the discussed subjects include:

  • Leadership,
  • Making and Breaking International Law,
  • Environment,
  • Water,
  • Big Business,
  • Space,
  • English at Work.

Other than that, inside the English BBC app, you will find separate modules for practicing Grammar, Pronunciation, and Vocabulary, as well as sections like Learn with the News, Learn with Drama, and Teaching children.

All the materials are categorized by fluency level, so you can learn English at your own pace and concentrate on the topics you’re interested in the most.

Other Features

Apart from the main sections described above, English language learners will find some additional features that contribute to the overall great user experience. These include:

  • New lessons daily. All lessons are available on this app first – even before they appear on the BBC website.
  • Built-in transcripts and subtitles to video and audio content to help you master your listening and reading skills simultaneously.
  • Easy-to-find programs listed by series name or category: Everyday English, Learn English with the News, Business English, Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation.
  • The ability to follow your favorite series – just tap the Follow button on a program or series page to add it to My Learning.
  • The ability to share your favorite programs to your social networks or to your friends via email/SMS. To access this feature, tap the Share button from any program page and select your preferred method of sharing from the menu.
  • The app will remember your quiz scores, so you can keep trying until you get the desired result.
  • Notifications to help you stay consistent with your learning routine.

In addition, you can find an extensive FAQ page on the BBC’s website that will help you address any issues regarding using the app. However, this might not be necessary, as the app’s functionality is very intuitive and easy to navigate.


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Although the BBC Learning English app won’t provide you with traditional lessons and step-by-step grammar tutorials, it can greatly diversify your language learning process and make it more manageable. Plus, the abundance of audio and video content makes it more convenient to study while commuting, traveling, working out, or just doing chores.

If you enjoy learning Spanish with stories using our Langster app, you might consider the BBC’s Learn with Drama feature as well. All in all, it’s a handy tool to stay consistent with your English practice and work on your language skills on a daily basis.

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