Learning a language is no easy feat, especially when it comes to German. With its complex grammar rules and unique pronunciation, mastering the language can feel like an insurmountable task. Who even has time for learning all that?

Then, there’s also the issue of finding the right material. Traditional textbooks and workbooks can be extremely boring, content in books or movies can be too hard, and even if you find something that fits you, irregular practice can throw you off track.

But, there is one tool out there that can make your life easier and help get from A1 to B1 in just 6 months – all while having fun. We know it can sound crazy, but this is exactly what Langster users do.

You don’t believe us? Here are 4 reasons why this app should be everyone’s go-to choice for learning German.

1. Langster started with immigrants in mind.

Langster founders came up with an idea to create a tool that will help people immigrating to Germany learn the language as fast as possible using various immersion techniques.

All the methods we’re using in the app were created by real language professionals with one main idea in mind: to make learning fun and effective.

The app itself is designed to target your needs and provide the best user experience possible. It offers interactive stories, audio created by native speakers, and comprehension quizzes – everything that will help you dive into the text and fully experience the German language.

2. This app wants you to learn in an enjoyable and effective way.

  • Langster uses short stories with timeless, positive messages that make you want to read more. You don’t have to spend hours each week to learn – each story lesson won’t take you more than 15 minutes to complete.
  • We use vocabulary suitable for your level and gradually increase the complexity of the stories and grammar, making the learning process easy yet effective.
  • You don’t just learn random words or sentences. Instead, each story comes from real life and contains graded vocabulary and grammar related to the topic. This way, you can learn new words and grammar rules in context.
  • You can listen to stories at a regular or slower pace, thus learning how they sound naturally and being able to understand where every sound comes from.
  • There are quizzes after each story to check your reading comprehension, measure your progress, and show how much you have learned in a certain period of time.
  • You can save the words and grammar you learn into your own personal flashcards. Langster will remind you to practice them regularly, so that you can reinforce the knowledge and get the most out of each story.

3. Langster was proven to help you learn faster.

We’ve tested graded reading in a German university and discovered that Langster was hugely beneficial for language learning. When using Langster, students were able to master new vocabulary much faster and retain it for longer compared to traditional learning drills.

Not only that, but they also found the process much more enjoyable compared to learning from regular reading and listening material.

4. You don’t have to just learn German with it. Here are some other cool things that Langster can teach you:

  • why crude jokes are so popular
  • how a dating app can help dogs all over the world
  • how the famous Italian Cannoli were created
  • or why we talk, and monkeys don’t

Now, we want you to give it a try!

Yes, you read that correctly. You don’t have to spend a lot of time or energy trying to find a good source for learning German. Save your resources, and see if Langster can be your faithful companion on the road to fluency. Give it a try by downloading here:

And start learning today!

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Beata Hardzei

Beata Hardzei loves languages and shares this passion through her writing. Speaking English, Polish, Russian, and French, she explores the nuances of foreign languages, aiming to make learning feel more like a journey than a task. Beata's background as a teacher and translator enriches her insights, helping you see language learning as an accessible, enriching experience.