Soren speaking on the phone, saying “Tengo una actualización sobre el reporte.”

Welcome to a linguistic adventure where we explore the rich tapestry of the Spanish language. In this article, we'll delve into the vibrant spectrum of expressions that convey the concept of "update." Just as the world of technology is ever-evolving, so too is the language that describes it.

Whether you're a language enthusiast, a traveler, or a tech-savvy individual aiming to expand your linguistic toolkit, you're about to discover a captivating array of ways to say "update" in Spanish. So, fasten your seatbelts as we embark on a journey through the diverse and colorful landscape of Spanish vocabulary.

Actualizar: An Overview

Actualizar is a verb that primarily means "to update" (a synonym for estar al tanto de algo). It could refer to updating your phone's software, refreshing a webpage, or even catching up with a friend about recent events.

For instance, you might need to actualizar tu software de computadora:



Actualiza tu software de computadora.

Update your computer software.

The Challenge of Actualizar

Like many aspects of learning a new language, understanding when and how to use actualizar can be challenging. The key is to expose yourself to as much real-life Spanish as possible, whether through conversations with native speakers, watching Spanish-language TV shows and movies, or listening to Spanish music and podcasts.

Over time, you'll start to grasp the nuances of actualizar and how to use it appropriately. The word can have different connotations depending on the situation in which it's used. For instance, if you're talking about updating your phone or computer, it refers to the action of installing the latest software version.

But, in a social context, actualizar could mean catching up with a friend or updating someone about recent events. Understanding these nuances can greatly enhance your ability to communicate effectively in Spanish.

Different Forms of Actualizar

Like many Spanish verbs, actualizar can take different forms depending on the context, including as a noun, adjective, or adverb. Here are some variations:

WordExplanationSpanish exampleEnglish translation
Actualización This is the noun form of actualizar, translating to "update." If you're waiting for the latest software patch, you're waiting for la actualización Una actualización del sistema operativo llevó mucho tiempo. The operating system update took a long time.
Actualizado This is the past participle used as an adjective, meaning "updated." If your CV is current and includes all your latest experiences, it's actualizado. El currículum actualizado fue enviado a la empresa. The updated resume was sent to the company.
Actualmente This is an adverb derived from actual, but beware! It's a false cognate and doesn't mean "actually," but "currently." Actualmente, estoy aprendiendo español. Currently, I'm learning Spanish.

Using Actualizar in Various Contexts

Let's have a look at how to use actualizar and many of its synonyms, like estar al corriente, in different contexts. Plus, learn quickly with these tips.


Pocky with his smartphone in hand, thinking “Necesito actualizar mi teléfono, está muy viejo.”

In the realm of technology, actualizar is ubiquitous. Whenever you install the latest version of an app or upgrade your device's operating system, you're using this word.



Necesito actualizar mi teléfono.

I need to update my phone.

Business and Work

In professional settings, actualizar can refer to updating or refreshing information. Maybe you're revising a report with new data or modernizing a business model or watching a TV channel's news update.



Vamos a actualizar los datos del informe.

We are going to update the report data.

Personal Conversations

In informal conversations, actualizar can also mean catching up on news or information. For example, this is used if you haven't seen a friend in a while, and you're filling them in on what's been happening in your life.



Tengo que actualizar a Maria sobre la reunión.

I have to update Maria about the meeting.

Common Phrases with Actualizar

Soren is surfing the internet and refreshing his screen using the F5 button.

There are numerous phrases and expressions with actualizar that you might encounter in your Spanish learning journey. Here are just a few:



Actualizar la página.

Refresh the page.

Actualizar el feed de una red social.

Update the feed of a social network.

Actualizar a alguien.

To update someone.

Actualizar información.

Update information.

Actualizar la lista.

Update the list.

Other Ways to Say "Update" in Spanish

Soren and Pocky are watching the news, Soren asks, “¿Estás al tanto de las noticias?”

Estar al tanto

This phrase means "to be aware of" or "to keep up with." It suggests staying informed about a situation or subject.



Debes estar al tanto de las últimas noticias.

You should keep up with the latest news.

Carlos me puso al tanto de la última actualización.

Carlos updated me with the latest update.

Estar al día

Literally translated as "to be up to date," this phrase implies being current with the latest developments or trends.



Es importante estar al día con los avances tecnológicos.

It's important to be up-to-date with technological advancements.

Ponerse al día

The phrase poner al día or puesta al día means "to catch up" or "get up to date." It's often used in the context of gaining information or knowledge that you didn't have before (used as a reflexive verb):



Necesito ponerme al día con los episodios de mi programa de televisión favorito.

I need to catch up on episodes of my favorite TV show.

Estar al corriente

This phrase can be translated as "to be up to speed" or "to be informed." It suggests having the most recent information about a situation.



El jefe quiere que todos estén al corriente de los cambios en la empresa.

The boss wants everyone to be informed about the changes in the company.

Another variation of with the same meaning is:



Me puso al corriente.

He updated me.

These phrases offer nuanced ways to express the concept of updating or staying current in Spanish. Each one can be used in different contexts and situations, enhancing your ability to express yourself effectively in the language.


Soren uses the Langster app and a pile of books to learn Spanish.

Whether you are watching a news flash or want to give your boss an update in Spanish, mastering the word actualizar is just one step in your journey to Spanish proficiency. With each new word and phrase you learn, you're not only expanding your vocabulary but also gaining deeper insights into Spanish-speaking cultures.

So, why not keep on practicing with Langster, using real-life stories and an interactive approach? Every update you make with Langster brings you one step closer to fluency. ¡No te detengas aquí!