Pocky, surrounded by friends, is about to blow the candles on his birthday cake.

Spanish, known for its rich vocabulary and expressive phrases, offers a myriad of ways to convey congratulations. Whether it's a birthday (feliz cumpleaños), an anniversary, a promotion, or simply a good day, knowing how to say “congratulations” in Spanish can add warmth to your interactions with friends, colleagues, or loved ones who speak Spanish.

This guide will provide you with a comprehensive list of congratulatory phrases in Spanish, whether in Spain or Latin America, setting you up to celebrate any occasion appropriately.

General Congratulations

To say “congratulations” in Spanish, there are a few common phrases that you can use interchangeably depending on whether the context is formal or informal, be it to wish happy birthday or a new job.





This is the most versatile and direct translation of "congratulations" in Spanish. You can use it in virtually any situation where you want to express congratulations, such as celebrating a birthday, acknowledging an achievement, or offering good wishes for a special occasion.




Well done

While enhorabuena directly translates to "well done," it's commonly used in Spanish-speaking countries the same way we use "congratulations" in English. It's a positive and encouraging expression used to acknowledge someone's success or accomplishment.



Te felicito

I congratulate you

This phrase adds a personal touch to your congratulations. It's an excellent choice for one-on-one interactions when you want to convey your sincere praise and admiration for someone's achievement or milestone.

These phrases offer you flexibility in expressing congratulations in Spanish, allowing you to adapt your message to the situation and level of familiarity with the person you're addressing.

Whether you're celebrating a joyous occasion, acknowledging a significant accomplishment, or simply offering well wishes, these expressions will help you convey your sentiments effectively in the Spanish language.

Celebrating New Beginnings

Soren, Benji, Iggy, and Pocky are are toasting to the New Year in front of a Christmas tree, with fireworks behind.

New beginnings, like a New Year, are always a reason for celebration. Here's how to wish someone well in Spanish as they embark on a new journey:



Feliz Año Nuevo

Happy New Year

This is the standard phrase used to wish someone a happy new year in Spanish-speaking countries.



Que tengas un próspero año nuevo. Muchas felicidades.

May you have a prosperous new year. Congratulations.

This phrase adds a bit more depth to your well wishes, expressing hope for prosperity in the coming year.

Christmas Wishes

Christmas, a widely celebrated holiday in many Spanish-speaking cultures, comes with its own set of congratulatory phrases.



Feliz Navidad

Merry Christmas

This phrase needs no introduction, thanks to the popular holiday song. It's the standard way to wish someone a merry Christmas in Spanish.



Que tengas una feliz Navidad

May you have a Merry Christmas

This longer phrase adds a bit more warmth and personal touch to your Christmas wishes.

Soren, Pocky, Iggy, and Benji are celebrating Christmas at the table, Soren saying, “Feliz Navidad.”

Anniversary Wishes

Whether it's a wedding anniversary, a work anniversary, or another significant milestone, here's how to congratulate someone in Spanish:



Feliz aniversario

Happy anniversary

This is the direct translation of “happy anniversary” and can be used for any type of anniversary.



Que tengas un feliz aniversario

May you have a happy anniversary

Similar to the phrases above, this one adds more depth and warmth to your well wishes.

Expressing Happiness for Someone

Sometimes, you want to express that you're happy for someone else's success or good fortune. Here's how to do that in Spanish:



Estoy feliz por ti

I'm happy for you

This phrase expresses personal happiness for someone else's success.



Me alegro por ti

I'm glad for you

This is another common phrase used to express happiness for someone else's good fortune.

Congratulating on a Promotion

Soren and Benji are at the office. Soren is stretching Benji’s hand, saying, “Felicidades por tu ascenso.”

If someone you know has just been promoted or has been through some personal or professional achievement, here's how to congratulate them in Spanish:



Felicidades por tu ascenso

Congratulations on your promotion

This phrase is specifically tailored for congratulating someone on their job promotion. It's a warm and widely used expression in both formal and informal settings. Whether it's a colleague, friend, or family member who has been promoted, this phrase effectively communicates your happiness for their success.



Enhorabuena por tu promoción

Well done on your promotion

This expression is ideal for conveying not only congratulations but also a sense of admiration and pride in the other person's achievement. It's a versatile phrase that can be used in various contexts, including professional and personal relationships.



Te felicito por tu logro

I congratulate you on your accomplishment

If you want to offer a more personal and heartfelt congratulations, this phrase is a great choice. It allows you to emphasize the individual's role in their success and express your genuine happiness for them.

These expressions can be used not only for promotions but also various other achievements, such as completing a challenging project, earning a degree, or reaching a significant milestone in one's life. Whether the situation is formal or informal, these phrases will help you convey your sincere congratulations and support in Spanish.

Other Phrases for Congratulations

Saying happy holidays, happy Halloween or congratulating someone on doing a good job are other phrases that are useful in Spanish. Here are some examples:

Feliz Día de las Madres (Happy Mother's Day)

This phrase is used to wish a happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful moms out there. It's a common greeting in Spanish-speaking countries to celebrate and appreciate mothers on their special day.



¡Feliz Día de las Madres, mamá! Eres la mejor.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom! You're the best.

Feliz Día del Padre (Happy Father's Day)

Similar to Mother's Day, this phrase is used to wish a happy Father's Day to all the fathers. It's a heartfelt way to show appreciation and love to dads on their dedicated day.



Feliz Día del Padre, papá. Gracias por todo lo que haces por nosotros.

Happy Father's Day, Dad. Thank you for everything you do for us.

Congratulating on a New House

These expressions are perfect for congratulating someone on the purchase or acquisition of a new home. They convey warmth and excitement for someone’s new journey as a homeowner.



Felicidades por tu nueva casa. Que encuentres alegría y felicidad en tu nuevo hogar.

Congratulations on your new house. May you find joy and happiness in your new home.

Te felicito por tu nuevo hogar.

I congratulate you on your new home.

Congratulating on a New Car

These expressions are suitable for congratulating someone on their new car. Whether it's a brand-new purchase or a significant upgrade, these phrases express your excitement for their automotive achievement.



¡Felicidades por tu nuevo coche! Que te lleve a aventuras emocionantes y seguras.

Congratulations on your new car! May it take you on exciting and safe adventures.

Te felicito por tu nuevo automóvil.

I congratulate you on your new automobile.

The Bottom Line

Pocky has a brand new car and Benji is saying congratulations: “Te felicito por tu nuevo automóvil.”

In conclusion, Spanish offers a wealth of ways to express congratulations for various occasions. By learning and practicing these phrases with Langster (with either our app or desktop version!), you can share in the joy and success of your Spanish-speaking friends, colleagues, or loved ones.

Remember, the most important part of any congratulation is the sentiment behind it, so don't worry about getting every phrase perfect. As long as your congratulations are sincere, they'll be appreciated.

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