French-speaking countries to visit

The French language is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, and it’s one that many people want to learn.

Some may think it's because they are planning on traveling to France or other countries where this language is used. However, there are plenty of other reasons why someone would want to learn French: for example, to get a job in a French-speaking country, to move or study there, or simply to communicate with their French friends.

Nevertheless, traveling to French-speaking countries can be a great aid in the language learning process.

The following 8 destinations offer a uniquely immersive experience for anyone who wants to learn more about the culture, history, and traditions of French-speaking communities around the globe. These places also offer some amazing landscapes as well as plenty of opportunities for enjoying new experiences, meeting new people, and having fun.

For some of them, French is the only official language in the country, and for others - a co-official or just a widely spoken language. Of course, the French spoken outside France (for example, in South America) can differ a lot from the variety you're used to. Nevertheless, it can be a great opportunity to get familiar with the different accents and cultures at the same time.


France is one of the most visited countries in the world, and for a good reason. From its stunning landscapes and architecture to its rich cultural heritage, France has something to offer everyone, including the classic version of its beautiful language - Parisian French.

There are plenty of things to do in France, whether you're interested in history, art, or food. Some of the top tourist destinations in France include Paris, Marseille, Toulouse, Nice, and others. Depending on what you're looking for, you can find the perfect French-speaking city to enjoy.


Canada is a great place to go to if you're interested in learning more about the French language but go further than the traditional option. The French-speaking population is concentrated in the Quebec province, but there are also plenty of communities all over Canada where you can practice your French skills.

When going to Canada, make sure to prepare for the differences between the Parisian and Canadian French - they can be very significant sometimes. But even if you don’t speak French, the natives will still understand you, as most people speak English in Canada.

French-speaking countries to visit

Canadian life is full of opportunities to learn, explore and grow in ways that are meaningful for you, whether you're looking to visit one of the many French-speaking communities in Quebec or practice your French skills in other cities where French is widely spoken.

You can adore vast landscapes like the Rocky Mountains, enjoy amazing urban centers like Vancouver, stroll through quaint towns like Kingston, or relish culinary delights at food festivals in Montreal.

Canada also has much to offer visitors when it comes to history and heritage; historic sites such as Old Quebec (Vieux-Quebec) awaken the senses with their rich architecture which still exudes a sense of grandeur, even by today’s standards.

For those who enjoy skiing, there are many ski runs like the one at Mont Tremblant which offers something for all levels, and views of the Laurentian Mountains are said to be worth the trip alone.


Belgium is another interesting destination where French is a co-official language, and a widely spoken one. A little under half the population of Belgium speaks French as a native language, so if you want to meet many French speakers and make new friends, this is a perfect place to visit.

Belgium is a fascinating country with lots to offer visitors. From the vibrant and cosmopolitan city of Brussels to the more laid-back charms of Bruges and Ghent, there's something for everyone. The country is also steeped in history, with stunning architecture from the middle ages and lovely medieval villages to explore.

And let's not forget Belgium's chocolate, beer, and waffles – all must-try experiences!

Do you want to go on a trip across Belgium's largest French-speaking cities? In that case, Brussels, Liège, and Charleroi are there to welcome you.


If you're looking for a place to visit as part of your travels, then Switzerland may be an option to consider. This country has been ranked as the #1 place to visit over and over again over the past several years because it offers all sorts of different things to see and do.

Switzerland has so much to offer in terms of natural beauty and cultural experiences. It’s also considered to be one of the safest places in all of Europe. Another thing that makes this country so amazing is the fact that you don't need to speak any of the local languages if you visit, as English is widely used in this country.

There are also many mountains here, perfect both for winter sports and for passive relaxation - you can go skiing, snowboarding, or simply stay in your hotel room in the Alps and enjoy the cheese fondue.

French-speaking countries to visit

You'll never run out of options for things to do here, and this is one of the main reasons why Switzerland is so popular among tourists. And apart from having fun, you also get a chance to get in touch with the locals and practice some French, which is an official language here along with German, Italian, and Romansh.

Do you want to experience the essence of Switzerland in one short trip? That is definitely not possible, but you can try - go to Geneva, the largest French-speaking city, and enjoy the watersports, the idyllic landscapes, the best shopping markets, and, of course, the wine tasting.


Monaco is one of the smallest countries in the world, but it's also one of the most popular places to visit when they go on a trip and practice some French.

Located in the Mediterranean Sea, it’s perfect for almost every type of traveler: those who want to walk around the cities and explore the museums and architecture; those who want to try their luck in the casinos and stay in luxurious hotels; gourmands who like scenic places to have a meal in; and those who simply enjoy the nature.

This country has just about everything that you would want to see and do here. Plenty of luxury accommodations, gambling facilities, as well as nightclubs and bars are located within the Monte Carlo area. If you’re not a party person, take a walk along the beach, relax listening to the sound of the sea, and reflect on your life.


Haiti is another country worth visiting where French is the official language. This place has experienced decades of political turmoil and natural disasters - but the people of Haiti have always been extremely resilient.

While it might not be the place to learn more about French culture, Haiti is definitely the perfect destination if you want to try your skills at surfing or enjoy some breathtaking landscapes, ranging from beautiful beaches to steep and stunning mountain regions - and practice your French at the same time.

The people of Haiti are warm and welcoming to all visitors, especially foreigners who come here for business or pleasure. If you're looking for an exotic location that offers plenty of historical significance, this destination should definitely appear on your list.

French-speaking countries to visit


Andorra is a small country located in the Pyrenees mountains between France and Spain. The official language here is Catalan, but many people also speak French and Spanish.

This country has some of the best ski resorts in all of Europe, which is why it is a popular destination for winter sports enthusiasts. In addition to its winter sports offerings and beautiful mountain landscapes, Andorra also has a rich cultural heritage to explore.

This country has plenty of different kinds of trails for hikers and walkers alike. There are opportunities for campers who want to spend some time in one of the many lovely campsites located here as well. If you love nature, the outdoors, and want to experience the best of what Andorra has to offer, walking is definitely the way to go.


Luxembourg is a small country located in Western Europe, bordered by Belgium, France and Germany. It offers a mix of cultural experiences from all three of the bordering countries, as well as its own rich cultural heritage combined with beautiful landscapes, including rolling hills and picturesque villages.

Even though the majority of the population speaks Luxembourgish, French and German are also spoken here, so you may want to brush up your French knowledge. Regardless of the language you decide to use in Luxembourg, you'll be able to enjoy all that it has to offer including amazing food, wine and beer culture, pleasant landscapes, and many more.

Other French-speaking Countries Worth Visiting

Of course, there are many other French-speaking countries that are worth visiting. Apart from the ones above, we recommend visiting some of the following:

  1. Martinique – This island is known for its stunning natural beauty and its diverse culture.
  2. Seychelles – A group of islands in the Indian Ocean, Seychelles are a great place to go to if you’re looking for a way to relax and take it easy.
  3. Guadeloupe – Another beautiful Caribbean island, Guadeloupe is one of the best destinations if you want to experience some of the best beaches in the world.
  4. French Polynesia – If you’re looking for a tropical paradise, look no further than French Polynesia! This group of islands is home to some amazing scenery and plenty of activities to keep you busy.
  5. Réunion – A volcanic island located in the Indian Ocean, Réunion is a unique destination that has something for everyone: tasty traditional food and drinks, stunning nature, pristine waters of the Indian Ocean, and comfortable hiking trails.
  6. Saint Pierre and Miquelon – This group of islands is located just off the coast of Newfoundland and it’s well worth visiting if you get the chance.
  7. Mayotte – A French island territory located near Madagascar, Mayotte boasts stunning beaches as well as beautiful mountain ranges.
  8. New Caledonia – Closely linked to Australia, New Caledonia is a stunning destination with some amazing scenery.
  9. Democratic Republic of Congo - The most populous French-speaking country, gifted by amazing nature.
  10. Ivory Coast, or Côte d'Ivoire - Located in West Africa, this country offers some of the most beautiful beaches and bays in the whole world.
French-speaking countries to visit

Visit the Best French-Speaking Countries and Enjoy

There are plenty of reasons to visit French-speaking countries from our list. Whether you're looking for amazing food and wine, stunning natural beauty, or an opportunity to practice your language skills, these places have something to offer everyone. In addition, each of these countries has its own unique culture and history that is worth discovering.

Moreover, when you visit a French-speaking country, you will have the opportunity to practice your language skills in a natural setting. This can help you improve your fluency and pronunciation, as well as learn more about the culture and customs of the French-speaking people.

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